Caring for Employees

WH Group values employee engagement as they create value together with the Company. We are committed to being a people-oriented company, striving to create a safer, more reliable and comfortable working environment. WH Group is also happy to provide growth support to employees. Diverse growth plans have been provided to help employees reach their full potential and grow with us. We are also committed to improving human rights, which helps our company create a diverse and inclusive working environment.

The Group has a total of approximately

101,000 employees

, of which female employees account for


The number of work-related injuries per 200,000 working hours is


In the United States, We have provided employees with a

$120 million

Responsibility Bonus amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020
ln China, employees attended training

590,000 times

and the average training hours per person was

90 hours

In the United States, we have provided approximately


as tuition funding for

510 employees

returning to school to continue their education

Value-Based Employment

WH Group believes that maximizing the value and potential of employees is the criterion for value-based employment. Adhering to the pursuit of realizing employee value, the Group has continuously standardized and promoted its employment system starting from the process of recruitment and hiring, based on the laws and regulations of each operation site, as well as providing employees with an equal, diversified, and compliant working environment to ensure employees’ rights and interests.

Employee Diversity

Promoting diversity in the workplace is a high priority for WH Group. Our employees will never be treated differently because of their gender, age, race, ethnicity, illness, marital status, family status, or religious beliefs. The responsibilities of supervisors are made clear, which specifies that violations of fair policies will be investigated, and proper actions will be taken based on facts. With a model of integrated centralized management, we provide our employees with a more globalized, cohesive working environment. Different positions and projects require different skills and backgrounds. Taking that into account, we strive to achieve a reasonable match in our talent pool and ensure a fair recruitment process.

We work every day to make WH Group a place where all our employees feel welcomed and supported. Our Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs) are an expanding the area of focus as we seek new ways to create a more supportive and engaging environment. In 2019, The Black Professional Network is helping us achieve our mission and vision by attracting, retaining, developing and promoting Black and African-American leaders. The group helps employees fully leverage their diverse backgrounds to achieve personal and professional goals. The Black Professional Network has become another important employee resource in addition to other EBRGs like Women’s Connect, millennial-focused Smithfield NEXT and veteran-focused Smithfield Salutes.

Health and Safety

WH Group strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations regarding occupational health and safety in regions where we operate. We promote occupational safety and health best practices and actively address the concerns of our stakeholders. In China, we have set goals around managing major production safety accidents, which includes an annual minor injury accident rate less than or equal to 1.5‰, an annual severe injury accident rate less than or equal to 0.15‰, and no deaths, no occupational disease, no fire, no ammonia leakage or other major production safety accidents. Smithfield reports i ts key safety management performance indicators to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

We protect the occupational health and safety of our employees in three ways:

Establishment of a management system

In China, we have established a safety management system under the central management, which composes a Safety Management Committee, a Safety and Environment Protection Centre and various project companies. It formulates relevant policies and guidelines for safety production management. We have also built systems regarding occupational hazards related warning and notification, project declaration, disease prevention and publicity.

In the United States and Europe, we have implemented the Smithfield Injury Prevention System (SIPS), combined with the relevant requirements of the ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system standard, which enhances our ability to prevent accidents and injuries.

The goal of safety and health and its advancement

In China, we have formulated the goals around annual production safety accident management, which are updated them every year, and have formed a closed-loop management system. We provide comprehensive training covering risk assessment, hidden dangers classification, fire safety, accident case studies, occupational health, hazardous chemicals management and emergency management activities.

In the United States, we have set annual health and safety goals, and we ensure the safety of our fleet through innovative vehicle technology. We promote continuous inspections and internal audits of each facility, as well as independent third-party external audits of specific work locations. In 2019, we undertook audits at over 100 global facilities, assuring that our SIPS’ implementation in 2018 was successfully executed and operating effectively.

Cultural development

In China, we have attached great importance to safety production through cultural and artistic performances, knowledge contests, speech contests, and employee panel discussions to incorporate best safety practices into our corporate culture.

In the United States, we have been finding new ways, such as the Employee Business Resource Group (EBRG), to provide more support for our employees.

In 2020, we have seen the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 sweep across the world. As a food product company, we have all taken effective precautions to respond to the novel coronavirus within our business operations in regions like China, the United States and Europe. We provide our employees with adequate health and safety protection while ensuring a stable supply of protein products.

To protect the health and safety of employees, Shuanghui has adopted the strategy of “strict internal control and external prevention”. We have strictly implemented the inspection and isolation of employees’ who show symptoms and require all the personnel entering our plants to wear masks. Each vehicle entering plants is disinfected and all the drivers are requested to present an entry certificate. Our factories’ canteens offer food in a centralized location, but workers are required to dine in separate locations and time slots. Prevention guidelines during dining time have also been given to employees for better protection. We have strengthened disease control in dormitories by requiring that employees wear masks when they return to their dormitories. There are also people responsible for cleaning dormitories every day and regularly disinfecting the environment and facilities.

Smithfield has implemented proactive measures to protect our employees against COVID-19 in the workplace. A series of stringent and detailed protocols have been developed, which includes implementing mass thermal scanning system to identify employees who had increased body temperature, strengthening the matching of personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks and face masks, and installing plexiglass and other physical barriers in the production floors and restrooms, as well as adding more handwashing stations and strengthening cleaning and disinfection. We have also offered a paid leave benefit for all employees at high risk for serious complications from COVID-19. All these actions are compliments of the enhanced cleaning safety measures being taken at all business locations. For more information on Smithfield’s COVID-19 response, please refer to: