Caring for Community

WH Group has been actively participating in social welfare programs to give back to the industries and communities we serve.

The Group's total cash and in-kind donations valued at

$31.18 million

Our employees volunteered nearly

10,000 hours

Provided over

6 million pounds

of protein to neighbors in need across 50 states in the U.S.

Supporting Education

We believed that quality education for future generations is the foundation for sustainable community development, which brings profound positive changes to the countries and regions we are operating in.

In China, since the formulation and implementation of the Incentive Regulations for Employee Children’s Admission to Universities in July 2011, we have awarded scholarships to over 5,000 employees' children in the last nine years. During the reporting period, we granted scholarships worth RMB3.07 million to 1,198 employees’ children who were admitted to colleges and universities, which reduced those employees’ financial burden and supported their children's higher education aspirations.

In the United States, Smithfield has been providing the children of our American employees with educational scholarships since 2002. In 2019, our scholarships and educational grants totalled $4.5 million in the United States, and more than $430,000 in Poland and Romania.

We also partnered with educational initiatives in our communities, such as the National FFA Organization and 4-H in the United States to train the next generation of farmers. In Romania, we helped prepare future specialists in animal husbandry, food processing and veterinary sciences through our internship program, Smithfield Academics. Since 2005, the program has supported nearly 450 students, including 40 interns in 2019.

Poverty and Hunger Alleviation

In China, based on the characteristics of our own industry value chain and wide business distribution, we explore schemes such as “company + farmer households” to allow poor households to increase their income through labor and cultivate and improve their skill sets. Going forward, we will gradually establish and improve a long-term and effective working mechanism to ensure the continuous and effective implementation of poverty alleviation work. According to the poverty alleviation plan, how poverty alleviation funds are distributed are carefully reviewed. In addition, we will continue to come up with poverty alleviation ideas and improve poverty alleviation mechanisms. Through effective use of group resources, we will increase industrial assistance, steadily increase the incomes of poor households, and continue to consolidate our achievements in assistance.

We pay constant attention to hunger and food safety issues in the United States. During the reporting year, Smithfield proudly broadened the reach of our signature Helping Hungry Homes® program, providing 6 million pounds of protein, the equivalent of 24 million servings, to people in need across the United States. These donations contributed to the more than $30 million we invested in cash and in-kind donations to address the needs of local communities. We expanded our hunger-relief efforts with donations to food banks in states we had not reached before. We have now made donations in all 50 states.

Disaster Relief

As a corporation that bears its social responsibility, we are prepared to contribute to community building at any time. Even during difficult times, we still do our best to help others.

For the past 11 years, our Helping Hungry Homes® initiative has been at the heart of those efforts. Through it, we aim to help Americans become more food secure by providing nutritious, high quality protein to food banks, school nutrition programs, disaster relief efforts and community outreach programs.

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, we have a responsibility to supply food to thousands of households. In the United States, the spread of COVID-19 has posed huge challenges to food banks. To prevent community residents suffering from hunger and help them to get through difficulties, Smithfield has actively responded by donating food across the country.

Fighting Pandemic

As food banks across the country struggled to meet increased demand as a result of COVID-19, Smithfield announced the largest donation in the company’s history – donating over 10 million pounds of food to food banks nationwide.

Shuanghui donated RMB 20 million in cash and materials to the areas severely affected by the pandemic to help them get through the difficulties.