Food Safety

Food Safety

We understand that the extensive technical exchange between the Chinese and American teams in all aspects of the operation will help improve the capabilities of food safety management, and leverage comprehensive quality-control system to ensure product quality.

  • To control the quality and efficiency of hog production comprehensively.
  • The first slaughtering enterprise in China that implements inspection on all hogs. tests raw materials by batches and adopts cold chain technology throughout the whole process to ensure safety and reliability.
  • All key processes are tested strictly and every batch of finished products is inspected thoroughly.
  • Advanced refrigeration equipment and real-time monitoring facilities ensure product quality.
  • To implement strict inspection and control of distributors and point-of-sales on a regular basis.
  • We have an experienced quality-control team, large-scale R&D platform, state-level technology center and postdoctoral research station.
  • To enhance high technology to ensure food security through extensive exchange between the US and China.

  • Environmental
    Management System
  • ISO9001
    Quality System
  • ISO14001
    Quality System
  • China Certification
    and Inspection Group

Our vertically integrated operations in the US implemented full-chain control at the source of hog production to safeguard product quality and meet specific market standards and requirements.

  • The first entity in the industry to achieve ISO 14001:2004 certification for our hog production and processing facilities.
  • Food safety systems in our US operations are based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system to effectively prevent the intrusion of toxic products into the market.
  • Dozens of our food safety professionals are stationed at each part of the process, and they are dedicated to ensuring our food safety management and product quality.
  • We are 100% PQA Plus-compliant at each of our self-owned and contracted farms in the US.
  • Each farm is subject to random, third-party audits and site assessments under the Pork Quality Assurance Plus program.
  • Rigorous production procedural guidance has been implemented in each farm, controlling the mobility of vehicles, animals, personnel and equipment across the different farms.
  • Our "pig-knows hog tracking system" enables us to effectively monitor our hog production on a timely basis.