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  • The brand debuted in year 1951, when we officially registered the Krakus trademark in the U.S.A. There, our canned ham with the Krakus logo has been a huge success. For many years Polish ham has been synonymous with high quality and is well-known in many markets.

    The Krakus brand is a shining example of maintaining a tradition of excellence while responding to modern consumers’ changing preferences with a wide range of products including hams, dry sausages, kabanos and Krakus marinated meats.

  • The Morliny brand is based on modern, outside-the-box thinking. From its inception it sought new, pro-consumer solutions. Its innovative product ideas are appreciated by our consumers and have ensured the brand’s loyal following.

    Morliny is one of the best recognized meat brands on the Polish market with sub-brands Morlinki, the first deli meat for children, and Berlinki, our premium hot-dogs.

    With its new approaches to its product line, Morliny has proved that a meat brand can be innovative as it responds to customer’s changing expectations. Recently, Morliny has launched many new items designed for speed and ease of preparation, while maintaining our standards of excellent quality and taste.

    Morliny strives to optimize our consumers’ eating experiences and bring a smile to their faces. We encourage them to communicate with us and are always open to their questions and suggestions.

  • Berlinki is the most popular hot-dog brand in Poland. Its the category leader in terms of sales quantity and quality. Since its launch, there is a growing population of loyal purchasers.

    Berlinki are delicate, ideally smooth, and made of the best quality meat and a unique spices mix. Berlinki are available in following variants: classic, of a delicate turkey or chicken and in other taste variants: with paprika or with La Maar cheese. Now, if you only need only a small doze of hot-dogs at a time we offer Berlinki duo in classic and for real Berlinki munchers – Berliniki Biiig Pack! What’s more, our brand is also available for those who like to keep fit – Berlinki Viva – 30% less fat and kitchen salt.

  • Morlinki is the first brand developed by children’s nutrition experts and certified by the Mother and Child Institute [Instytut Matki i Dziecka]. To receive this certification our products underwent a thorough verification process and met very strict criteria. Morlinki products are made of specially selected meat with a low fat content and no phosphates or sodium glutamate. They are also a perfect source of the protein children need. Parents can confidently choose Morlinki for their children knowing it’s of the highest quality and freshness.

  • A region of lakes and forests, Mazury is one of Poland’s most beautiful areas. Mazury invites you to experience the pleasure of communing with nature and enjoying its fruits. It symbolizes a peaceful escape from life’s everyday rush. Mazury is also our brand of deli meats enjoyed by all those who love the Mazury climate and style of life. We offer aromatic sausages, juicy hams and regionally popular canned products under the Mazury label.

  • Yano is a well-known brand that has been available for many years. It offers a wide variety of deli meat, hot dogs, processed meat and ready-to-eat meals. Yano products fill the needs of Polish families looking for tasty meats at affordable prices.

  • Since 2002, Elit and Veri brands offerings include plenty of delicious deli meats made of pork such as traditional varieties of salami, sausages, hot dogs, bologna, smoked & deli hams.

    Our products can be found in conventional grocery store and Deli counters and are designed to accommodate a large variety of tastes.

  • Under “Plin de carne” brand we feature our top of the line deli meats such as exquisite salamis and two assortments of sausages. Our cold cut deli platters will always make any party planning easier and more delicious.

  • From a taste standpoint all Premia products are great. Since 2005 our premium legendary brand of deli meats make your dinners more delicious.

  • Pomo is a popular brand that includes tasty cold cuts as sausages, salami and smoked products. Promo products are great for sandwiches or served rolled up on a party platter and are always very convenient.

  • Pizzaro is our youngest brand, addressed to HORECA clients, that includes mostly hams and bacon.