Food Safety

Our Commitment to Quality

We place heavy emphasis on ensuring all our products meet the highest levels of quality. Our quality-control team is highly skilled and capable, and with the utilization of external professional resources, is wholly committed to conducting detailed inspections across every process from material sourcing to product distribution.

In China, we carry out stringent quality-control measures throughout the entire production process. Our more than 800 quality-control personnel carefully test our products using our comprehensive product quality and food safety control system, and we have also engaged in long-term cooperation with the China Certification & Inspection Group as part of our quality-control prerogative.

Stringent quality control right from the start:

We source hogs and other raw materials selectively from external suppliers:

  • Live hogs have to pass government quarantine inspections.
  • Suppliers have to sign quality guarantees.
  • Records are kept to ensure traceability.
  • An early-warning system for diseases has been implemented.
  • Each batch of raw materials, additional materials and packaging materials is carefully examined.

Hog production:

  • Hogs farms are located in isolated areas to prevent potential epidemic outbreaks.
  • All livestock feeds are sourced internally.
  • Targeted disease prevention and vaccination measures have been implemented.

Real-time monitoring at multiple sites is carried out during the production of fresh pork and packaged meat products

  • Every carcass is tested for disease and each batch of raw materials is inspected.
  • A source-tracking system is utilized for all the raw materials.
  • Advanced quality-control facilities and standardized operation procedures are the Group’s norm.
  • Government inspectors make regular visits and carry out quality-control examinations onsite.
  • Sample inspections are conducted on every batch of products.

Downstream operations are closely supervised

Storage, logistics and distribution

  • Largest self-owned cold chain logistics network in China
  • Standard manual and procedures for distributors in terms of action protocols and equipment implementation
  • Systematic product return policies for expired or defective products
  • Periodic inspections at points of sale

Feedback Management

  • Consumer service hotlines are properly maintained.
  • Sales personnel reach out to consumers on a regular basis.
  • Feedback reports are provided to both the production department and the quality control center.
  • Three aspects are identified according to question types:
    – Reasonably compensating consumers
    – Maintaining transparent media communications
    – Pursuing legal actions, if needed
  • Internal reports and records are kept diligently.

  • Department of Agriculture
    Inspection and Certification
  • Food Safety
    Control Certificate
  • China
  • China Inspection
    and Quarantine

Our US and European businesses utilize renowned, continuously improved quality management systems based on 70 years of experience.

In the US and Europe, we have stringent food safety policies, and have developed comprehensive, decades-long auditing protocols. We provide comprehensive employee training. All of our employees undergo extensive training after recruitment. They also receive additional training according to our business needs.

We assess internal audits regularly to guarantee Food Safety Council members meet at least twice a year to discuss not only the latest scientific and technical food safety developments, but also how to implement them into our own protocols. Our plant personnel also conduct self-audits on a regular basis throughout the year.

Additionally, we are subject to GFSI and USDA third-party audits, during which government officials regularly inspect our facilities and products.

Finally, we continuously review our quality-control programs and constantly look for new ways to incorporate emerging food safety innovations into our products and processes.

  • Hazard analysis and
    critical control points
  • USDA process
  • Global food